About Us

About Mardaz Fashion

Empowering Style, Inspiring Confidence, Since 2015

At Mardaz Fashion, our journey began in December 2015 with a simple yet powerful mission - to bring Western fashion to Pakistan at affordable prices. We believe that style should know no boundaries, and everyone deserves the opportunity to express themselves through clothing that not only looks good but also feels great.

Our Founder: Daniyal Rasheed Mardaz Fashion was born from the vision of our founder, Daniyal Rasheed. With a passion for design and a determination to bridge the gap between Western fashion trends and the Pakistani market, Daniyal embarked on a journey that would later become Mardaz Fashion. His dedication and creative flair have been instrumental in shaping our brand into what it is today.

Crafted from Sketch to Reality What sets Mardaz Fashion apart is our commitment to originality and quality. Each and every product that bears our name is meticulously designed and manufactured in-house, from sketch to reality. This hands-on approach ensures that every detail is carefully considered, resulting in clothing that embodies both style and substance.

Affordability Without Compromise We understand that fashion should be accessible to all, which is why affordability is at the core of our brand. At Mardaz Fashion, you can expect the latest Western-inspired trends without breaking the bank. We believe that fashion should be a reflection of your personality, not the depth of your pockets.

Our Promise

  • Quality: We are dedicated to delivering high-quality fashion that lasts, using premium materials and craftsmanship.
  • Innovation: Our designers stay at the forefront of fashion trends, ensuring our collections are always fresh and exciting.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. We strive to provide exceptional service and a seamless shopping experience.
  • Community: We are proud to be a part of the Pakistani fashion community, and we're committed to contributing positively to its growth.

Join us in our mission to redefine fashion affordability in Pakistan. Discover your unique style with Mardaz Fashion, and let us be your trusted partner on your fashion journey.

Thank you for choosing Mardaz Fashion. We're excited to dress you in confidence and inspire your style.